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Danielle decided to fully commit to her longtime dream of becoming an actress and model.

Things have moved very quickly since then!

Industry Successes:

Eight months ago, on the roof of her apartment, Danielle Adisi decided to fully commit to her longtime dream of becoming an actress and model. Things have moved very quickly since then! 

She began with stock photography modeling in both Los Angeles and New York. Soon she signed with an agent and an incredible manager. She began auditioning in March and soon she was featured in Michael Sweet’s new music video “Coming Home.” By April she had booked a the lead role of MaryAnne on Sex Sent Me to the ER in the episode entitled “Birthday Surprise.” Since then she has been featured in a commercials for Q Sciences, Garanimals, and Happy Home. 


History and Musings:

I passionately pursued theatre and dance through high school and college, and danced and acted professionally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Rhema Dance and Acacia Theater. Despite the joy performing brought me I chose to (temporarily) give it up because I was deeply disturbed with all the suffering I saw in the world around me. I pursued a degree in Social Work, and graduated Magna Cum Laude three years later. 

After I began life as a Social Worker, I discovered that if you are miserable in your job, no matter how noble the title appears, you will probably find it very difficult to make any kind of positive impact at all. I now believe that if you are true to yourself and follow your calling, you will be able to bring the most lasting change to the world around you. 

I left my Social Work job and spent three years waiting tables in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, falling in love with authentic Italian food and wine and discovering who I was. 




The best choice I ever made was to marry the love of my life, actor and model Thomas Adisi. One cold winter’s morning we waved goodbye to my family and together drove across the country to a new life in Los Angeles. Not long after arriving, we brought a beautiful baby girl into the world, miss Alethea Adisi, and she fills our days with activities and our hearts with joy! 



I want to bring beauty to the world. As John Keats said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” When I act, write, or otherwise participate in creative endeavors I am deeply in touch with my humanity in all its brokenness and its overwhelming beauty. I feel completely alive. The beauty I gift to the world is not a pretty face with perfect makeup and hair, but my being; vulnerable, rooted, present, alive.

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